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Hire us for Your Wedding


Get in touch with us for your upcoming wedding and allow us to entertain your guests with our ice cream rolls. We can offer an alternative experience to the standard ice cream van while carrying out the service indoors at your wedding reception. Our menu is highly versatile and we can create a menu that is both exclusive & luxurious to suit your special day, including flavours such as Ferrero Rocher, Baileys Irish Cream and Strawberry Meringue. 

5 reasons why we are the best ice cream provider for weddings



Our ice cream service can be held indoors with our portable pans allowing for an added experience to your drinks reception. This is very convenient in wet climates such as Ireland. 


The quality of our ice cream is second to none. It is freshly made in front of your guests to order and is tailored to each of their individual tastes, with customised bases, toppings & syrups. 


We don't just make ice cream,we put on a show. We always attract the majority of the guests at a party and create a memorable experience which leaves everyone talking about.  


Our Ice cream packages are more competitive than the standard ice cream van. We offer more bespoke flavours such as Ferrero Rocher, Baileys & Strawberry Meringue at competitive rates which beats a 99 every time!


We are flexible, indoor, outdoor, we have options from our food truck, gazebo or indoor stands to cater for any space or location. 

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