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Due to a significant back-log of orders we would like to advise customers that delivery dates for all new orders received will be commencing Monday 25th May 2020.


In response to the temporary closure of our outlets due to COVID-19. Sally's is delighted to present to you our new "Sally's at Home" Quarantine Kit which allows you to create 5 of our signature rolled ice creams from the comfort of your own home! Larger kits are also available to order.


Each kit costs €35 excluding delivery and includes...

  • 1 metal rolling tray.

  • 2 metal spatulas.

  • 500 ml of our signature ice cream base in a steel flask.

  • 5 of our signature ice cream tubs & spoons.

  • 5 recpies to create our Kinder Bueno, Oreo, Ferrero Rocher, Aero Mint & Lotus biscuit flavours. 

  • Toppings including marshmallows, flake, & sprinkles.

  • 3 of our amazing sauces including chocolate, caramel & strawberry.

  • Instructions on how to recreate your own Sally's rolled ice creams. 


Delivery is available anywhere in Dublin in only

48 hours for just €4.50. For deliveries outside dublin just contact us first to confirm if delivery is possible to your location. Please see Terms and conditions. 

By purchasing this kit it will provide you hours of fun with instructions on how to create your own ice cream rolls with our signature ingredients. You will also support a small local Irish business in unprecedented times which is just getting started.   


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