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The Cool Desert Trend

Mcflurrys, Apple Pies, & Ice Cream Sundaes are finished . The cool new trend in 2018 is Asian Thai-rolled ice cream. From Bangkok to New York, Australia to the Netherlands, numerous small lively hand rolled ice cream parlours are drawing big crowds to order in big cities. With Ireland being a small-open economy now highly globalised & Dublin being infamous for being one of Europe's cultural melting pots, newer tastes have developed in Ireland especially with millennials & todays generation X.

Thai Rolled Ice Cream is exactly what it sounds like: Freshly made rolls of ice cream, chopped, mashed and flattened out to about the size of a washboard, that are then packed into a cup, finished with with all sorts of toppings, such as toasted marshmallows, coconuts, flakes, fresh fruit and of course melted Nutella.

A quintessential dessert made for Instagramers, foodies & all lovers of ice cream. At Sally's our portions are available in a range of 8oz, regular & larger 12oz sizes.

The process takes maximum two minutes while its prepared freshly in front of you, and the experience is just as much fun as the eating. We pour a measure of our Irish made vanilla based ice cream mix onto an extremely cold metal stove that resembles a big pizza pan. As the base freezes to below 30 degrees, we manipulate it with scrapers as if we were plastering a wall and then spread out the base across the pan. Once the ice cream evenly covers the pan and cools rapidly into freshly prepared hand rolled ice cream. Finally we push the spatula across the spread and turn it into ice cream rolls. Come try it for yourself this Saturday, March 24th at the bustling Bushy Park Market in Terenure from 10:00 - 16:00.

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