Our wix Story.

It was a cold winters Day in Dublin as a new team of skilled workers were commencing their orientation day at the Israeili Website giant "Wix". Have you seen those YouTube commercials between videos with people telling you about this popular internet company. You need a website ? You need it to function easily without having to know coding, CSS or HTML? This is the solution for you.

It's been nine months since we launched our Wix Website which was our first business investment even before we started our Ice Cream Roll enterprise. A wise lecturer in the National College of Ireland always told me "Your Website is your greatest tool in business". Anything you put online, trace it back to your website. We were amidst a heavy snow storm "the beast from the east". Schools were closed, supermarkets, universities, even airports shut for days. It wasn't the ideal time to eat ice cream. However within this timeframe we used it to kickstart our business online and make a presence for ourselves. We bought our domain, designed our logo and launched our website! Thanks to WIX we were able to boost our SEO ranking to number one in Dublin within weeks.

9 Months later... Wix announce they are opening a new Dublin office brining many new jobs to Grand Canal. Across their research they stumble across our website. I get an email from Dublin which followed by a Skype call to Israel to discuss bringing our brand to their staffs induction day at the Aviva Stadium. A week later we show up with the director from the company visiting Dublin and her new team!

Following a brief presentation we then served our ice cream rolls to everyone in the room with many happy faces commencing their new Wix Journey. Read more below.

WIX Dublin - Ice Cream rolls - Sally's Ice Cream Rolls

WIX Dublin - Corporate Events - Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream

WIX Dublin - Ice Cream Rolls - Private Hire

WIX.COM - Dublin - Corporate Event - Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream

WIX Dublin - Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream - Corporate Event

WIX Dublin - Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream - Corporate Event

WIX Dublin - Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream - Corporate Event

WIX Dublin - Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream

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