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Ice Cream Rolls, a Wicked Idea for Dublin Office Parties!

With the weather picking up now in Dublin to temperatures closer to 20 degrees, it’s starting to feel like summer again. After a long cold winter, people are out more, BBQs are lit, Hot Tubs are flying out of Aldi & the demand for ice cream is skyrocketing.

A funny fact to add is that Ireland is the second highest consumer of Ice cream in all of Europe only second to our viking counterparts in Sweden. With an Irish "ice cream all year round" mentality, it doesn't have to be summer for anyone to enjoy our amazing product.

With summer around the bend, it can get tiresome looking out at the sun in Dublin while you are stuck in the office. By the time Saturday arrives the weather can make a brisk change (knowing ireland) leaving you felt frustrated.

This summer why not reward your staff with something different, that is both delicious & entertaining ! Sally’s has pioneered the ice cream roll sensation where we make freshly made to order ice cream rolls in front of your guests eyes.

You don’t have to worry about leaving the office, let us bring our signature -30 degree cold pans to you and entertain your staff on their lunch or at the annual office summer party!

sally's ice cream rolls - Dublin - Clontarf Castle - Wedding
Sally's Ice Cream Rolls - Clontarf Castle

With a diverse menu to work from, we can also tailor a bespoke menu for your event. Launching a new Irish whiskey? Pink Gin or Craft Beer ? We can incorporate that into our ice cream also! You don’t have to be a food & beverage company for us to create new and exciting flavours for your event, just tell us !

Oreo - Ice Cream Rolls - Dublin - Private Hire
Sally's - Minus 30 Degree Cold Pan

At Sally’s we offer the most experiential catering service in Dublin. With a growing list of corporate clients including the Aviva Stadium, the Intercontinental Hotel & Clontarf Castle...your staff will leave feeling amazed with our service being at the centre of attention wherever we go. At Sally's we don't just create ice cream... we create experiences.

Watch our new promotional video below & get in touch!

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