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Gelato v Ice Cream Rolls,Who Wins?

Recently we ran a recent poll on our instagram channel asking what customers preferred when it came to Gelato & Ice Cream rolls. A staggering 56% of voters opted for Ice Cream rolls compared to Gelato at 44%.

The reasons for this we also asked our viewers why they voted. One voted"Its more satisfying to watch, its more home-made and tailored for your taste", compared to Gelato. Another customer went on to say that the taste was more "authentic" while our ingredients are better blended by hand into our ice cream base as opposed to machines. For example we take a white Meringue nest & 3 fresh wexford strawberries, plant it onto our freezing cold pan. Chop the meringue nest with the strawberries within seconds then blend, chop and mend them into a frozen ball all while the ice cream base is added and spread out to the size of a wash board and rolled up into ice cream rolls.

A food blogger also stated the taste of hand rolled ice cream were much "richer" compared to Gelato also noting that our ice cream as its produced freshly in front of you, it is also frozen at a temperature of -30 degrees celsius which allows the ice cream to stay frozen for longer on summer days. This is another advantage as the ice cream is freshly made to order each time allowing the customer especially children to enjoy our product while not leaving a dripping mess so quickly.

Thirdly one customer stated why she preferred ice cream rolls was because of the "customised experience". If you order an ice cream at our stall in Bushy Park you can go for example a Reeses peanut butter cup, then while we are making it you can opt for whatever sauce you feel would compliment the ice cream. In this case by adding Salted Caramel while the ice cream is hardening as per the customers request. We are tailoring the ice cream to their taste. While the ice cream is then rolled up into 5/6 rolls into a cup. We then ask which two included toppings they would like for the five euro price tag. In this case, Cadbury's Flake, a Reeses peanut butter cup and extra Toffee Caramel sauce on top. It doesn't get more customised than that compared to a scoop of gelato!

Another reason an environmentally conscious customer said they preferred our product simply due to the little or zero waste we leave after a working day. As our ice cream is made to order we only use the ingredients needed to produce the ice cream we serve.

Have you tried our ice cream before? Do you prefer it to Gelato ? Let us know your thoughts...

Ice Cream Rolls v Gelato - Dublin
Ice Cream Rolls v Gelato - Dublin

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