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ASMR triggered by ice cream rolls?

There has been huge debates over the years of the ASMR experience which stands for “Autonomous sensory meridian response.” It is best described as a physical sensation or tingling that originates in the scalp and then moves down the spine. It is a euphoric feeling that we may call relaxing. For some it aids in healing, saying it alleviates stress, insomnia and even depression.

Various sounds may trigger ASMR such as rustling, tapping, flowing water, scraping or even someone whispering in your ear.

It wouldn’t be a normal if we didn't hear one of our passing customers standing outside our food truck while watching an ice cream roll being prepared without saying “it’s so satisfying to watch”. “I don’t know I could stand here for hours just watching” is often overheard by our own ears. Sometimes it wouldn’t be a normal day if we didn't hear this. We often wondering ourselves how much satisfaction one gets out of watching ice cream rolls being prepared.

When we first started the venture I often spent hours on end watching various recipes on YouTube to gain inspiration for new recipies and I mean hours… Now that we ended up starting our own channel I spend hours editing videos for viewers to watch and grow our channel to provoke interest online.

Recently Ellen held a topic on her show looking at some of the most popular videos on the internet last year, including soap cutting, a super successful kid YouTuber, and ASMR, which Ellen tried. These are simply videos people find “soothing” she said while relieving stress at the same time. Furthermore we have discovered that watching Ice Cream roll videos also releases ASMR triggers for some. With sensitive microphones and close shot angles. Have a look at one of our recent YouTube Videos and let us know yourself if you get any relaxation from it ? Is it satisfying to watch ?

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