The Cool Desert Trend

Thai rolled ice cream originally existed in Thailand in 2009, as a way of just mixing ingredients together with fruits and different types of candies. Since then the frozen dessert has become popular worldwide. 


Hand rolled ice cream is a dessert made on a steel plate chilled below freezing. Our fresh Irish vanilla ice cream base is poured onto the cold plate and mixed with other ingredients. The mixture is chopped and stirred while crystallising, until creamy.

At Sally's each of our ice cream rolls are specially hand crafted and tailored to your taste. Using a state of the art metal pan which reaches up to -30 degrees that freezes and solidifies our fresh ingredients. By mixing and chopping in the super cooled pan, a roll of hand rolled ice cream is made. Topped with dozens of delicious toppings & syrups of your choice.

Now Available permanently at the Square Tallaght & for corporate events!